Ayurvedic Fruit Massage

ayurvedic fruit massage

What is Ayurvedic Fruit Massage?

Ayurvedic fruit massage uses fruits for massaging. Commonly available fruits have positive effect on the skin. This massage is mainly used for rejuvenation and beautification.

Procedure – Ayurvedic Fruit Massage

Fruits can be used for massage. The fruit pulp when applied gives radiance to the skin. The pulp of the fruit is mashed and placed in a bowl. The individual is made to either sit or lie down depending on the area where the massage is required. The mashed pulp is then applied onto the affected area and massaged.

Few of the fruits used are papaya, orange, banana and mango. Papaya lightens skin blemishes and reduces pigmentation patches and dark circles. Orange is effective for dry skin and helps in rejuvenation. Banana helps in removing dead cells and is excellent for anti-wrinkle treatment. Mango when applied on the skin softens the skin.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Fruit Massage

Ayurvedic fruit massage provides soothing effect to the skin, softens the skin, lightens skin blemishes and improves skin texture.