Ayurvedic Udwartanam


What is Udwartanam?

Udwartanam is powder massaging and is done in reverse direction i.e. upwards direction. It is a therapeutic dry massage using dry herbal powder. It is mainly used for metabolic and lifestyle disorders. Lifestyle disorders are the disorders that occur due to daily habits which includes bad food habits and physical inactivity. Udwartanam helps mainly to reduce obesity and for strengthening joints.

Procedure – Udwartanam

A variety of powders are available for Udwartanam and suggestion is made by the doctor after carefully examining the individual. Usually herbal powders are used for this dry massage. The powder used can have different coarseness depending on the material used. The individual is made to lie down on the massage table. The herbal powder for the massage is taken in a bowl and rubbed in upward direction i.e., opposite to the direction of the body hair. Udwartanam is performed over the upper limbs, lower limbs, abdomen, over the chest, on the back and over the neck. After the procedure is completed, the powder is removed with sterile cloth or cotton. A thin coat of oil is applied over the body and can undergo sudation therapy. Udwartanam is sometimes performed by adding little oil or medicated oils to the powder. Powdered resin of silk cotton tree (Bombax malabaricum), bark powder of Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) and sandalwood (Santalum album) are few plants that are used. Samudraphena, camphor and sometimes brick are non­herbal products that are used.

Benefits of Udwartanam

Udwartanam burns excess subcutaneous fat as the process involves friction which produces heat. It improves blood circulation and the flow of energy. It is effective for skin diseases, arthritis and laziness. It also gives healthy skin with good complexion, reduces wrinkles and itchy skin, removes foul smell and reduces excess sweating. Heaviness reduction, dirt removal and drowsiness reduction are few more benefits of this therapy.