What is Elakizhi?

Elakizhi means leaf bag massage. Also known as patra pinda swedam or pachakizhi, elakizhi is an external therapy and is a sweat inducing therapy. In short, herbs are packed as boluses and is applied as soft punches. This therapy is good for diseases involving bones, joints and nervous system.

Elakizhi – Procedure

As in all Ayurvedic therapies mentioned, even here the doctor examines the patient and ailments are diagnosed. Based on the type of disease, the doctor suggests on how to proceed with elakizhi. The types of herbs used and the oil used for the boluses depends on the body constitution of the individual. The inclusion of the herbs depends on the condition of the individual.

The leaves, as suggested by the doctor, is gathered and cut. Usually the leaves of Calotropis, Ricinus communis, Moringa oleifera, Tamarindus indica etc. are used. These small pieces of fresh leaves are warmed in medicated oil. There are plenty of medicated I which follow a process in their preparation. Bolus is made out of the leaves by tying them in a cloth. This bolus is again heated in medicated oil and is placed as soft and delicate punches over the body or the affected part. The duration of the treatment varies as it depends on the severity in the case of diseases. Elakizhi can be a part of Panchakarma treatment.

Benefits of Elakizhi

Elakizhi improves blood circulation, complexion of the skin, joint lubrication, strength of muscle and relieves body pain. As this therapy induces sweat, toxins are removed out of the body through sweat and circulation channels are cleared which helps in refreshing the body. It is also a rejuvenating therapy as it helps in rejuvenating muscles and soft tissues. Elakizhi is effective for neurological disorders, arthritis, spondylitis, spondylosis, sciatica, back pain, strengthens spine muscles, injuries and post traumatic dysfunctions.