What is Nasya?

Nasya means administering oil through nostrils. This can be performed individually or as a part of Panchakarma.

Procedure – Nasya

There are various ingredients that can be used for Nasya. Ghee or oil can be used as the main ingredient. Herbs like basil, henna, etc. and flowers like jasmine, rose etc. are used in the preparation of Nasya oils. Each ingredient has its own benefits and based on the body constitution of the individual, these ingredients are administered.

Note that Nasya should not be performed after bath and after taking food. Pregnant woman, children and aged people should not take this therapy. Consulting doctor for this therapy is advisable.

Benefits of Nasya

The main benefit of Nasya is in the treatment of nose, sinuses, head and throat related problems. This therapy helps in clearing blocks in the nasal passage. It is effective for allergic rhinitis, nasal congestion and for treating headaches and migraine.