Navarakizhishastika / Shastika Shali Pinda Sweda

What is Navarakizhi?

Navarakizhi is sweat inducing massage therapy using rice bolus. It is also known as Shashtikashali pindasweda. Navara or Shashtika is a type of rice which is packed in the form of bolus and is massaged over the body. This special sudation therapy benefits muscles, nerves and skin.

Procedure – Navarakizhi

Navarakizhi is performed either before Pizhichil or after Pizhichil depending on the disease of the individual. After proper diagnosis of the individual, the doctor suggests to undergo this therapy.

The individual is made to lie down on the massage table and Pizhichil or Abhyanga is performed in which sufficient medicated oils are used and massaged. Specific rice called Navara or Shashtika is cooked with herbs and milk. The cooked rice is tied into small linen bags and this is how boluses are made. These boluses are dipped into warm milk containing herbal decoction. Usually cow’s milk is used for this purpose. The therapists then use these boluses for massaging all over the body. The heat of the bolus is maintained such that it is not too hot. The herbs used and the amount of pressure applied depends on the individual constitution. When pressure is applied, the rice is forced to come out of the pores of the linen bags. The boluses are repeatedly warmed and massage is continued till the boluses are emptied. This process helps in massaging and steaming together. Affected parts are focused more for faster cure of disease.

Benefits of Navarakizhi

Navarakizhi has health as well as rejuvenating benefits. Health related issues that are treated using this therapy are rheumatism, joint pains, frozen shoulder, arthritis, muscle weakness, diseases of nervous system, paralysis, tremors and skin diseases. Rejuvenating benefits include prevention of diseases and anti-aging. Body strengthening, rejuvenation of tissues, muscle toning, blood circulation are few more benefits for overall health.