What is Pizhichil?

Pizhichil is also known as Kaya seka or Taila dhara. It involves squeezing warm medicated oil on the body. It is a combination of oil therapy along with heat treatment used for whole body relaxation, ailment and beautification. It is also known as the king’s treatment. Medicated oils are squeezed over the body in rhythmic ways bringing calmness and relaxation to both body and the mind.

Procedure – Pizhichil

The individual consults the doctor and only after diagnosis, the doctor prescribes the therapy based on the body constitution. This therapy requires herbal oil to be used which needs suggestion of doctor regarding the type of oil and the type of herbs to be used. As Pizhichil is combination of two therapies – external oil application and heat treatment, it is carried out in two stages.

The procedure of external oil application requires lots of oil. The individual is made to sit on a chair or to lie down. Medicated oil is warmed and is kept in bowls. A cloth is dipped into the oil and this lukewarm medicated oil is squeezed all over the body. There or four masseurs may be required to attend to an individual. The masseurs massage the body gently as the oil continues to flow on the body. Sometimes even ghee or medicated ghee is also used for this therapy. The second stage is the heat treatment which consists of allowing warm vapour to pass over the body to initiate sweating.

Benefits of Pizhichil

Pizhichil is very effective for a range of physical and mental problems as it increases blood circulation. Rheumatic diseases, back pain, spondylosis, paralysis, sexual weakness, arthritis, muscle spasms, nervous weakness and disorders are treated. This therapy can be used for beautification for muscle toning, improving the complexion of the skin and for rejuvenation. Anxiety, depression, insomnia, hypertension and burning sensation in the body are few more ailments that can be treated.