What is Raktamokshana?

Raktamokshana means blood letting. Usually leeches are used for this therapy and is basically leech therapy. Raktamokshana can be performed as a standalone therapy or as a part of Panchakarma. Leeches suck out the impure blood and remove the toxin from the body. This therapy is mainly used for treating skin disorders.

Procedure – Raktamokshana

Leeches are kept in an aquarium and water is maintained clean. Few leeches are placed on the affected areas. They then bite and suck the impure blood. When they start sucking pure blood, pain is felt and then the leeches are removed. The area and the leech are then neatly cleaned. Emesis for the leech is performed such that impure blood does not remain in it.

Note that sufficient care is taken of cleanliness of the leeches.

Benefits of Raktamokshana

Raktamokshana helps in blood purification and blood circulation. Other diseases treated are eczema, blood clot, psoriasis, diabetic wounds, varicose veins, herpes and inflammations.