What is Virechana?

Virechana is therapeutic purgation. Here, purgation is controlled and planned, and for a specific amount of time. This helps in flushing out toxins mainly from the lower part of the body.

Virechana – Procedure

Usually Vamana treatment is performed before Virechana. The individual should be well slept the previous night and the eaten food should be completely digested. Herbal medicine normally used to induce purgation. Sometimes even oil or ghee can be used for this process. After the therapy is complete, limited and easily digestible food should be consumed and warm water should be used for drinking. The person should take complete rest throughout the day.

This is not a procedure to be performed frequently. Advice from doctor is a must and people having fever, weak digestion, bleeding in rectum should not do Virechana.

Benefits of Virechana

Virechana is performed for people having Pitta dosha. Skin and liver disorders, blisters, peptic disorders, tumors, piles, poisoning, constipation are usually treated using this therapy. Virechana is said to increase the strength as the digestion fire is activated.