Weight Management

Weight management discussion have propped up more over the past few years. This is mainly because of the change in our lifestyle. The sedentary lifestyle with improper eating habits have resulted in lifestyle diseases also known as longevity diseases or diseases of civilization. Obesity is one such lifestyle disease. Weight management is a programme to balance eating habits and physical exercise.

Why weight management?

Accumulation of fat in the body leads to obesity. Obesity paves way for many diseases which is undesirable. Extra fat in major organs like heart, liver and kidneys causes more strain on these organs and can affect their functionality. Most common diseases due to overweight are diabetes, high blood pressure, gall bladder and liver disorders.
It is better to have a balanced diet, maintain physical health and be free from diseases.

Weight management – Ayurvedic approach

Toxins are removed by therapies like panchakarma. Specific weight management therapies are performed. When daily routine including eating habits is modified for better lifestyle using Ayurvedic weight loss diet, many of the health issues are alleviated.

Udvartanam helps in removing extra fat in the body and reduce obesity. It also helps in blood circulation and reduces heaviness in the body.

Abhyanga gives a healthy look to the body and builds strength. Blood circulation in this therapy helps in better health maintenance.

Ayurvedic Weight loss through diet is by having food based on the body constitution for maintaining health. There are specific remedies like lemon, honey, pepper etc. and medicines like Triphala churna, Garcinia cambogia that can help in shedding extra fat in the body.

Yoga is a holistic way of exercise that focuses on body, mind and the soul. There are many asanas that can help in waistline reduction and fat loss. Suryanamaskara is very effective and is suggested right from young age. Veerabhadrasana, bhujangasana, trikonasana and setubandhasana are few more asanas that help in losing weight easily.

Any of the above mentioned therapies should be practiced after consulting the doctor.